We now offer virtual parties on Facebook!

Hi friends!  If you want to have a Love Shack home party but don't feel like cleaning your house....or you don't have enough space for your large group of friends.....or you don't live in Southern Cali...... or you'd rather not spend money on food and drinks.... HOST A VIRTUAL PRIVATE EVENT PARTY ON FACEBOOK!  It is super easy, fun and you still earn tons of freebies!  I set up a private Facebook event.  You invite your friends.  We play games with raffle prizes, show products and keep the party going for about 5 days!  Friends order online, we send the orders out individually so you do not have to hand them out.... and you get the usual 10% to 15% of sales towards free products!  Contact Dana at loveshackforfun@yahoo.com to set up an event!  We can't wait to party with you and your friends!

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