We are so excited for the launch of our new website!  You will find navigating and ordering to be so much easier!  Make sure to check back often as we will be adding products daily and expect to have over 1000 listed by mid October!

We ship all over the USA, always pack discreetly and ship quickly.  Shipping costs are already added into the prices to make things even easier for you!  

WANT TO BOOK A PARTY?  We have been making sex great since 1998!  All parties are Southern Cali. locations.  

Just contact us at our new phone number (562) 335-5917 or via email at loveshackforfun@yahoo.com

Parties are free (unless Bachelorette or Birthday party, but we add lots of extras) and as a hostess you get 10 to 15% of the sales towards a sexy fun shopping spree!

At a Love Shack Party you will feel as though you are watching a stand up comedienne who encourages you to create fantasies, make sex crazy fun, enjoy self pleasure and above all, understand your personal needs.  All of our consultants are fun, fresh, and fearless when it comes to discussing sex.  No we aren’t “classy” because sex should not be “classy”…it should be a fun, wild, erotic roller coaster ride just like our presentation is!

* Just For Fun

* Bachelorette Party

* Birthday Party

* Divorce Party

* Couples Party

* Fundraisers





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