How to Communicate During Sex

How To Communicate During Sex

Talking and fumbling are a magic combination — here’s how you can do it well 

Talking to your sexual partner about your likes and dislikes seems easy for some topics. You probably don’t think twice when you tell them your favorite book or TV show. But when it comes to sex, we know it can be difficult and awkward to talk about what you want or don’t want. No matter how awkward, communication with your partner is incredibly important. This applies to any sexual encounter, whether it’s a one-time thing or someone you’ve been intimate with before. Talking things out before, during, or after sex can greatly improve the quality of your experience. But we know it’s easier said than done. So here’s some simple suggestions for opening up the lines of communication in the bedroom without making it feel like an interview.

How Do I Tell My Partner What I Want In Bed?

DON’T: Criticize your partner’s sexual ability. Communication in the bedroom is not about making people feel inadequate, it’s about helping each other learn through patience and understanding.

DO: Use positive statements when offering advice to your partner. Instead of telling them: “I hate how quiet you are”, try saying: “I like hearing the sounds you make, it helps me know you’re enjoying yourself.”

Can I Show My Partner What I Want In Bed?


DON’T: Drop vague hints about what you want hoping your partner can read your mind. It’s an unfair expectation of them and going to be frustrating for you when it doesn’t work.

DO: Get hands on! Guide their hands on your body to show them how/where you would like to be touched. You can also offer to do the same to better learn what they enjoy. This is both sexy and straightforward, so none of you are left in the dark.

Can I Say No To My Partner’s Sexual Fantasy?

You can say no to anything you don’t feel comfortable with. Make sure to communicate what you do and don’t want to do.

DON’T: Judge your partner’s interests or desires when they share them with you. You wouldn’t want someone making fun of you for what turns you on. So extend the same courtesy to others.

DO: Be open to trying new things. One of the fun parts of sex is the opportunity to experiment with different positions and sensations. However, if your partner asks for something you are not comfortable with, you don't have to do it!

 Should I Tell My Partner If Sex Hurts?

Yes! Always speak out if you’re in pain.

DON’T: Stay silent if you’re in pain or uncomfortable in order to get it over with quicker. Ignoring the problem is not going to help solve it. And, it can lead to anxiety about having sex in the future if you always associate the act with discomfort.

DO: Tell your partner if you’re hurting without feeling guilty for doing so, even if it’s in the middle of sex or right before they’re about to orgasm. Sex is something pleasurable to be shared, not just for one person’s benefit. A simple “ow, that doesn’t feel good, or “a little softer, please” can let a partner know that they may need to change the angle or intensity. And if you’re just not feeling it, do not be afraid to tell them to stop all together.

Your Brain is a sex organ and your tongue is a strong use both! (Dana)

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7 Foods You Should Eat For Vaginal Wellness

Ever heard the phrase “you are what you eat”? Don’t ever forget that the foods you eat dictate the health of your whole body, and that includes your vagina!

So what better way to start this series of habit-changes that to focus on the most crucial aspect of a healthy vaginal flora: your diet!

Here are 7 types of foods you should be eating more of, and how to incorporate them into your diet!

1- Probiotic Rich Foods *An easy way to put it – Probiotics beat up the bad bacteria that cause BV.

2. Water

3. Garlic...


XOXO! Courtney Brand

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Rose Shaped Vibrator
 Destinee Scott 
Jun. 9, 2021

If you're all about taking sexual wellness into your own hands (especially after a year of pandemic life) we applaud you and have a new toy to add to your collection. Enter: THE ROSE! It's currently going viral on TikTok (we're talking over 370,000 likes on a recent video showcasing its skills), with folks praising this dainty gem for surpassing every expectation (ahem, basically a mind-blowing orgasm). Best part? It's on sale here on our web site!  

 The rose-shaped clitoris sucking vibrator has seven sucking modes that mimic oral sex. It's made from medical-grade silicone, it's rechargeable (allowing up to two hours of uninterrupted fun), it's easy to clean, and it comes in pink and purple. In other words, the vibrator, which can double as a decorative set on your table, is powerful whether you're having solo time or spicing things up with your partner. (FYI, you can also use it on other parts of the body like your nipples for an ultimate toe-curling experience).

But don't take our word for it. Buyers have taken to TikTok and Amazon to express their unique experiences. One reviewer admitted: "I’m not even gonna lie, I thought some of y’all was hyping this thing up a little bit cause toys have always added to the bedroom, but nothing mind-blowing, so I wasn’t expecting anything major! WHEW, CHILE, WAS I WRONG!"

We've heard enough and we've already hit the 'Buy Now' button—go ahead and do the same.


These sell out fast, orders may take a little longer than normal...but it is COMING!

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So Cal's #1 Adult Party Company is ready to educate and entertain you and your friends!  Let's celebrate birthdays, bachelorettes, divorces, and just for naughty fun ladies night in parties!  

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New Home Classes are in the works!

It's our 20 year anniversary! New "Ultimate Girls Night In" classes are coming in 2019!
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We now offer virtual parties on Facebook!

Hi friends!  If you want to have a Love Shack home party but don't feel like cleaning your house....or you don't have enough space for your large group of friends.....or you don't live in Southern Cali...... or you'd rather not spend money on food and drinks.... HOST A VIRTUAL PRIVATE EVENT PARTY ON FACEBOOK!  It is super easy, fun and you still earn tons of freebies!  I set up a private Facebook event.  You invite your friends.  We play games with raffle prizes, show products and keep the party going for about 5 days!  Friends order online, we send the orders out individually so you do not have to hand them out.... and you get the usual 10% to 15% of sales towards free products!  Contact Dana at to set up an event!  We can't wait to party with you and your friends!
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We are so excited for the launch of our new website!  You will find navigating and ordering to be so much easier!  Make sure to check back often as we will be adding products daily and expect to have over 1000 listed by mid October!

We ship all over the USA, always pack discreetly and ship quickly.  Shipping costs are already added into the prices to make things even easier for you!  

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At a Love Shack Party you will feel as though you are watching a stand up comedienne who encourages you to create fantasies, make sex crazy fun, enjoy self pleasure and above all, understand your personal needs.  All of our consultants are fun, fresh, and fearless when it comes to discussing sex.  No we aren’t “classy” because sex should not be “classy”…it should be a fun, wild, erotic roller coaster ride just like our presentation is!

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